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Christmas Day with Mademoiselle Malvina

Malvina , Franco American singer/songwriter currently prepares her recording debut in NYC. Her melodies reflect a deep commitment to life experience, with all shades of emotions pouring out of this natural stage performer.

Malvina’s elegant presence lets her free spirit spark to each person in the audience, setting an atmosphere between deep awe and childlike inhibition for all. Her emotions are accessible to all, and her defiance of judgment motivates women and men alike to spread their wings and lose their own boundaries.

A California girl that grew into a French woman only to return to New York and make it as a singer/songwriter. Life is full of circles, she is continuing hers in her native USA, allowing everyone along the way to touch her life and take a bite out of her music so full of her love, her sacred losses, her loneliness, and the people she makes it so transparent for. 

It’s as fun as pop, it’s as personal as soul, it’s as honest as classic music, but it know no limits like jazz. Sprinkle in some 20 + years of livening in France and you have an unusual global urban sound that brings you back to the first time you danced and forgot people were watching.

As much as she finds music to set her free, her music sets the listener free of inhibition. Definitely a life act, but the band experience also survives any studio recording. She is actually working on her first album as the lead singer/songwritter of « Chaäck »